What is Transformation

The way to look at digital transformation is to look at organizations from a holistic point of view. There are 5 elements (or groups) that are key to transformation. Although these groups have different challenges and objectives, these organizational groups need to work together to successfully achieve transformation.

The tech space is constantly evolving, and there is no way around that. You can’t learn one cool thing and hope to ride it out into the glorious sunset of your career. To keep pace with other riders, you need to learn and upskill constantly. You have to be comfortable…

“We never had an objective to sell a low-cost phone. Our primary objective is to sell a great phone and provide a great experience, and we figured out a way to do it at a lower cost.”

These were Tim Cook’s ending lines during a business interview back in 2011…

I recently got my CSPO training and certification and my head is still abuzz with the information overload that was delivered over the course of a weekend. I went in brimming with confidence from having worked as a developer and devops engineer on agile projects throughout my career. …

After recently leaving a cushy position at PwC to pursue my MBA degree, I began to realize more and more how similar working at a Big4 was to studying at a top tier business school. As the weeks progressed, the more classes and networking activities I attended, the more obvious…

This article by theoretical economist W. Brian Arthur challenges one of the basic economic theories on returns of margin. Up until then, much had been written about the diminishing margins of return by Alfred Marshall and his contemporaries. In Arthur’s words, the old way of thinking was “Well, we have…

Explanation of the services and triggers

The first half of the job is relatively straightforward. The job should be executed inside a prod agent (short for production). It defines two parameters. One holds the name of the service that should be scaled. The other expected a number of replicas that should be added or removed. If…

We have all used containers. But one of the basic requirements of any client today is optimal costs. And that means keeping your infrastructure as lean as you can, as much as you can.

The background:

It's the night before Black Friday. You're logging out of work with the peace of mind…

Components used:

● AWS Elastic Load Balancer

● AWS Elastic Container Service

● Netflix Eureka

● Netflix Zuul

Containerizing the microservices:

The first task in setting up the infrastructure is to get the microservices containerized and running on ECS/ Docker. Assuming the microservices are Java and built as JAR files, a sample Dockerfile would be:

A beginner’s guide to containerization


Docker is an open-source container-based platform, which packages your application and all its dependencies together in form of containers so that your application works seamlessly in any environment ( development, test or production).
It is a platform used for building, shipping and running our applications.


  1. To solve dependency problems by…


Every company is a software company; even if it’s not in the software business

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